The monastic organizations- extremely efficient at spreading the Buddhist message and winning converts to the faith Cultural center: the famous Alexandria Museum and Alexandria Library- education Organized followers into a community of monks The Mauryan empire had overthrown the Nanda dynasty and rapidly expanded his power westward across central and western India. Distinction was drawn by prowess, discipline, and military talent Sayings were compiled in the Analects by is disciples The first ruler if the empire was Chandragupta I. Was the center of Mediterranean commerce Roman empire provided glassware, jewelry, artworks, perfumes, textiles Create a Timeline Now; Classical Period (600 BCE to 600 CE) AP World History. Newly rich classes built palatial houses and threw lavish banquets Twenty-three satrapies (Persian governors) appointed by central government Religious goal: personal salvation, or nirvana, a state of perfect spiritual independence First use of the civil service exam 2. Ramayana, a secular story of Rama and Sita, was changed into a Hindu story Spread of Greek language and cultural traditions Basic Timeline of Events: Again, memorizing dates isn’t really important during this time. Popularity of Buddhism as a religion of salvation; nomadic rulers embraced it, Towns dotted the India countryside after 600 bce The period of 600 BCE to 600 CE featured the development of some of the most influential world belief systems. Humans should tailor their behavior to the passive and yielding nature of the Dao Bantu Migrations 1000 BCE - 1700 CE. Attracted converts first in Mesopotamia and east Mediterranean region Han enjoyed uncontested hegemony in east and central Asia Advocated small, self-sufficient communities Mostly killed in power struggle, Divided the empire into two administrative districts In ancient China, the Era of Warring States gave rise to influential philosophies including Confucianism, Daoism, and Legalism. Legend (Opens a modal) Possible mastery points. Germanic general Odovacer deposed the Roman emperor Seven patriarchs (super bishops) in seven cities This was a period of relative peace and stability across the Roman Empire that lasted for over 200 years that begun with the reign of Augustus. Paper production; replaced silk and bamboo as writing material Production of olive oil and wine, in exchange for grain and other items The Eastern Empire governed out of Byzantium and the western Empire governed from Rome. Conquered other states and unified China 221 bce First sermon about 528 bce at the Deer Park of Sarnath Established Confucian educational system for training bureaucrats Alexandria, capital at mouth of the Nile The empire gained most of its wealth through its control of the trade routes that passed through its territory. Ethics and politics- not religious Various types of religious cults; Cult of Dionysus most popular Continuous tension between the Antigonid rulers and Greek cities Told Han Wudi of possibility of establishing trade relations to Bactria Maritime trade included East Africa- Rhapata Challenge to the established cultural order Problems of land distribution, Held by Xiongnu for years The formation of Greek cultural traditions: philosophy based on human reason Confucianism Emerges 479 BCE. Foundations (to 600 BCE) Classical (600 BCE-600 CE) Post-Classical (600 CE to 1450 CE) Early Modern (1450-1750) Modern (1750-1900) Contemporary (1900-Present) Book Assignments; In Review; The AP Exam; AP World Summer Assignment; Enough of that Foundations garbage. Gold and salt were the most important products that Adapted Minoan Linear A into their script, Linear B Children obey and honor parents Trade goods in small segments You just need to know the general placement of civilizations and stuff, like don’t say that the Gupta Dynasty … Defeats Mark Antony and Cleopatra 0. Mauryan Collapse and Political Fragmentation Weakened by dynastic disputes, the Mauryan Empire collapsed from the pressure of attacks in the northwest. Officially sponsored Zoroastrianism during the Sasanid empire Appealed to merchants Public works Greek influence- Stoicism Rome attracted numerous immigrants Jains did not recognize social hierarchies of caste and jati, Magadha kingdom filled power vacuum left by withdrawal of Alexander of Macedon; Persian and Greek influence Han organized vast armies to invade Xiongnu territory (nomads from steppes); costs money

600 bce to 600 ce timeline

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