Wholesale Natural Body Care - Private Label - Wholesale Organic, Paraben Free, ORGANIC - NATURAL, freshly made skincare, bodycare and haircare products. Well, you'd be out of luck. Ahead, we spoke with five founders who are changing the skin-care aisle for the better. Katonya Breaux couldn't find a sunscreen that didn't leave her skin irritated or chalky white, so she founded Unsun Cosmetics. If you're unfamiliar, I'm proud to introduce the below brands that promote the magic of blackness in all of its glory. She’Neil Johnson turned a full-time layoff into a … These products are holistic in every sense of the word and were created by professional dancer Jashiro Dean, who needed a product that would serve his skincare needs and calm his nervous system. Jade & Fox Co. believes in the power of Mother Earth and all the beauty that grows within her. It's important to know that the ingredients you're putting on your body are of the highest caliber. Then, she'd use pure shea to nourish Oye's skin, which suffered from eczema and burns. We offer choice … When we come upon a problem, a roadblock, or a flat out "no," we find another solution. An amazing example is Jacq's Organics. The best part about Blk + Grn … Private label skin care manufacture – BlackBird Skincare is a private label skincare manufacturer that uses premium ingredients to produce skincare products. It's lightweight and non-comedogenic—the specific profile of fatty acids in marula oil is very similar to the oils naturally found in the skin. In turn, you'll find that these gentle yet hardworking products will save your skin by doing less harm and more good. "Historically when companies target hyperpigmentation they use bleaching agents in the product," says Adoh. Shop. Her handcrafted, small-batch serums and hair oils are so gorgeous that they can double as décor. ... We take all major credit cards (except American express) or money transfer. Ashley Johnson started wearing her hair natural 10 years ago, and the transition set her on an unexpected path to entrepreneurship. Austin, TX native and punk musician Kayla Phillips handcrafts this line of vividly-hued bath bombs, soaps, shower gels, and more. So, Wofford set out to create a holistic beauty and wellness brand that was accessible to all. Ozohu Adoh wanted a luxury skin-care brand that was tailored to treat skin of color, so she created Epara Skincare. Its line has since expanded (and changed names—it used to be known as BeeLux) and now includes moisturizers, oils, and fragrances infused with mango butter, rose petals, and coconut. Our private label skin care and hair care products are the perfect solution for luxury spas, salons and retailers of all sizes looking for a simplified method to develop and introduce their own line of natural, custom skin and hair care. When she was younger, founder Tolu Oye's mother would travel to remote parts of Nigeria to collect nuts from shea trees. Kaike is the fun line of back-owned skincare products the natural-beauty industry's been missing. Create a professional hair care line that is unique to your brand and vision. So, she started mixing up DIY recipes with ingredients from Whole Foods. What's even better is that it works to penetrate and deeply moisturize skin, hair, and lips. That's exactly what the following entrepreneurs did when faced with a skin-care industry that doesn't cater to. However, years of dealing with dry skin and, Adoh started to research African oils, butters, and botanicals to create her own moisturizing blend. Rest assured that these handmade batches are. Private Label Process. Temple Zen doesn't only have your skin in mind—the brand wants to heal, restore, and rejuvenate you. So what if you want a mineral sunscreen that blends into brown skin? We have grown quickly within a short amount of time due to the success of our clients, high quality hair care products, and continuous support provided by our staff.

african american private label skin care

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