704 N. Dixie Ave Titusville, FL 32796 U.S.A. Tel. It is very silent and has a great little alarm if the power goes off. Find out more here. I know the Brinsea name and this will be with me for years to come. Had a couple of 100% hatch rates with this incubator! The Mini II and Maxi II Advance with Brinsea's fully digital control system include programmable automatic turning with count down to hatch day and autoturn stop, accurate control and display of temperature and alarms. Mini II Advance Incubator - Product Instructions, Explore our innovative and effective bird breeding products. Really happy with the paper instructions that came with it also the extra thought put in by adding a chick care sheet. I recently transferred them into a new incubator as the old was was garbage. Thank you for making her introduction into Home rearing as unstressed as possible . Having the automatic egg turning is essential if you are as haphazard as us. You can also watch videos on our YouTube channel for help with setting up, cleaning and servicing a lot of our products. It is still going strong and happy to say still great hatches. I bought Brinsea from a recommendation I found on eBay. And I haven't tried my Mini II EX yet, which is presumably even better as it controls humidity as well. The instructions provided guidance on humidity levels, which comprised a daily check and top up of water to the correct level - easy. Good for chicken/bantam eggs. I recommend these to anyone interested in hatching babies! 21 days later I'm the proud owner of 6 healthy chicks. I work for a kids club and this little incubator was perfect for the children to view the chicks emerging from there eggs. The Mini II and Maxi II EX include integral automatic humidity control for complete peace of mind. Well done to the Incubator Shop.... Great product & easy to use. Brilliant incubator perfect for hatching small quantities of eggs. Mini II Advance - Great First Incubator Posted by Steve Pickard on 25/06/2020. Nice compact with simple setup. Perfect for those new to egg incubation, the Mini II Advance provides the convenience of automatic turning with the reassurance of digital alarms and count-down to hatch day. Two disks are available, one for eggs of all sizes up to duck (supplied as standard) with a second small egg disk holding eggs up to the size of pheasant available as an optional extra. Having owned this product for three years now I can certainly recommend it to small holders or hobby enthusiasts. Humidity is one of four primary variables which must be controlled during egg incubation – the others being temperature, ventilation and movement (or turning). It would be good to be able to turn the alarm/beeping off if required. With three feature levels available in each size there is a model to suit everyone. I now hatch using broodies but have kept it for the occasional times when a hen attacks chicks. The Mini II and Maxi II EX do not have the days to hatch count down feature but instead display and full control of humidity. In the automatic Advance and EX versions eggs are turned by rotating egg disks. Cabinet. Our children loved watching them hatch so now we have decided to buy a bigger incubator. A brilliant first time incubator, compact easy to use. The display counts down each day to tell you when eggs are due to hatch and turning will stop automatically 2 days prior to hatching. 17 days to go. My very firs hatching batch is just finished with the Mini II Advanced hatcher and I have 100% hatch rate. I would certainly recommend this product - worth the money and so easy to use. Price: The high quality incubator cabinet is entirely injection molded from high grade ABS plastic which makes it durable and easy to clean. They make hatching foolproof. It is so easy to use, my children have been in charge of the recent hatches - even deciding how many times a day the eggs should be turned and when the turning should stop. Vollautomatische Mini-Brutmaschine "Brinsea Mini Advance" - Mini-Brutmaschine "Brinsea Mini Advance" für 7 Hühner-, Enten-, Zwerghuhn-/Fasanen- oder … The plastics used incorporate Biomaster™ antimicrobial additives proven to reduce bacterial growth by 99.99% and 100% safe for eggs, chicks and humans. I purchased the Mini II as part of a starter pack including the brooder heat plate, drinker and feeder, as this was my first time hatching hens eggs. Protects the incubator from microbial growth by reducing the risk of cross contamination and provides a more hygienic environment for your eggs. My first time hatching with a Brinsea incubator and couldn’t be more impressed! The top of the incubator is fantastically clear allowing excellent visibility of the eggs and chicks. All Brinsea incubators have two water pots or channels to give the user more flexibility when it comes to water surface area and evaporation rates. I'm incubating duck eggs. Fantastic incubator. This is my first incubator and was worried out all the technical side of hatching chicks, but it was easy to set up with great results. I highly recommend this incubator. Right from the moment the first eggs turned, I felt confident that the fertile eggs would develop and hatch so we could all take part in the most captivating process of watching little lives develop. You can also watch videos on our YouTube channel for help with setting up, cleaning and servicing a lot of our products. £125.66 ex Have had good results with this incubator every time I've used it . We stock spares for as many products as we are able to, because we believe in supplying you with an item that will last for years! Very impressed with the quality of the items, there was none of that brittle plastic used elsewhere. The Mini II and Maxi II Eco with proportional electronic temperature control and manual turning are entry level models and ideal hatchers. The item arrived with a broken cord and Brinsea quicly replaced it. I bought this product for my 7year old son. Air is circulated by a long life computer grade fan which, coupled with the unique air diffuser leads to extremely even air temperature throughout the egg chamber. This is such a great product, I've had 3 successful hatches so far and had no problems. May go for the EX version for next breeding season. In the manual turn Mini II and Maxi II Eco eggs just sit in the base of the incubator. Successful result with quail eggs first time. Advance Digital Controls Brilliant simple to use thank you brinsea just set it up and watch it go! Two days before hatch I noticed a problem with the moulding of the drinker base causing it to leak.

brinsea mini ii advance humidity

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