Features: - Brother CADXMATSTD12 - Standard Mat 12" x 24" for the ScanNCut SDX1200 is specially designed for a wide range of materials from fabrics to handmade papers (thickness ranging from 0.3 Photos and/or printed images on thin paper can be scanned into the ScanNCut using the low-tack mat. Simply use the built-in 600 dpi scanner to scan in any image, photo or hand drawn sketch and this expertly-designed machine will automatically cut … The low-tack mat and the standard mat can be used for both scanning and cutting. I wanted to scan large items and then fussy cut around them. If you will be using the ScanNCut to save pictures and documents for archival purposes, we recommend buying the scanning mat. Made to accompany your Brother ScanNCut SDX1200 cutting machine, the Brother Scan N Cut mat provides a stable surface for a professional finished result. Sheet size 12 x 24. On this mat there are detailed measurements including inches and millimetres, you will be able to scan up to 12" x 24". The cutting mat is an important part in supporting materials and turn them into unique cutting designs. I've had my Scan 'n Cut for several months now, so I'm familiar with changing the settings, etc. Use the 12×24″ Mat June 19, 2015 By Jackie C Uncategorized No Comments Opinion by Paid Consultant Let me show you how easy it is to change the settings on your ScanNCut so that you can cut super big with the 12×24″ mat! I changed the settings to the 12 x 24 mat, but it would not accept the mat when I tried to scan. Leave laborious hand cutting behind for good with the ScanNCut DX SDX1200. Brother CAMATLOW24 Low Tack Adhesive Mat 12x24" for CM650W/X Scan N Cut Machines, Replaces CAMATP24 Mat $24.99 Free Ground Shipping to the Contiguous USA Brother CAPSS1 Printable Sticker 7 Sheets 8.3" x 11.7 for ScanNCut CM650W, CM550, CM350, CM250, CM100 The Brother ScanNCut Scanning Mat measures 12 x 24 inch (30 x 60 cm) and is for use with the Brother CM900 ScanNCut.It is the largest ScanNCut mat available and is great for scanning applique patterns, doll clothes patterns, and even large format drawings! Brother CADXMATSTD24 - Standard Mat 12 X 24 For The Scanncut SDX1200. ScanNCut SDX1200 Home and hobby cutting machine. There are detailed instructions of how to use this mat which can be found in the ScanNCut user manual. Contents: 1 x Brother ScanNCut Scanning Mat – approx. I bought this mat to go with my new Scan 'n Cut DX - model SDX125. This innovative & dedicated fabric mat is a unique solution specially designed to secure and cut fabrics with easy release of the material 12" x 24" Artistix Carrier sheets for the Brother Scan N Cut *Now with a white backer to improve scanning performance* Fabric & material cutting mat. Also, you will find detailed measurements in inches and millimeters on this mat.

brother scan n cut 12x24 mat

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