See more 'Coffin Dance / Dancing Pallbearers' images on Know Your Meme! Background information; Origin: Prampram, Ghana: Members: Benjamin Aidoo; Dancing Pallbearers, also known by a variety of names, including Dancing Coffin, Coffin Dancers, and the Coffin Dance Meme are a Ghanaian group of pallbearers who are based in the coastal town of Prampram in the Greater Accra Region of southern Ghana, although they perform across the country as well as internationally. Tags. It all started from 2020-02-26, a Tik-Tok video uploader named “lawyer_ggmu” uploaded a video (click here to watch the video). Source . db. About the Uploader. Origin Entry . Click here to view some memes made by using coffin dance. My opinion Origin Entry . Coffin Dance Meme, origins and history of the most popular meme of 2020. kawarproducer 3 May 2020 - 223. Meme Status Submission Type: Song Year 2010 Origin Tony Igy Tags music, electronic, techno, tiktok, edm, coffin dance, funeral dance, vicetone, tony igy, videosdful, ღmayslendyღ, @danny.lkh, @lawyer_ggmu, @xacamnhuong, pallbearers, dancing pallbearers, anton igumnov About "Astronomia" is a 2010 electronic dance music (EDM) track by producer Tony Igy. 1 minute read. Tags. Since then, people began creating memes for it, and now there are tons of memes for that. Claim Authorship Edit History. Coffin Dance / Dancing Pallbearers. See more 'Coffin Dance / Dancing Pallbearers' images on Know Your Meme! Coffin Dance Meme Meaning. . Click to expand the Mega Menu Click to … The trend of the Ghanaian pallbearers continued to develop through March and April, where the dancers are often portrayed as the harbingers of imminent death or the modern Grim Reaper. To simply put, the dancing pallbearers indicate that the video ended in tragedy or led to a fatal outcome. See more 'Coffin Dance / Dancing Pallbearers' images on Know Your Meme! 2020 started with some unpleasant news, such as the cancellation of the Tomorrowland (we talked about it here), but also with lighter and more sarcastic ones as the Coffin Dance Meme. Coffin Dance / Dancing Pallbearers. Coffin dance meme. Two years later, Facebook user Bigscout Nana Prempeth uploaded the third video, wherein pallbearers accidentally dropped a coffin during the act. Despite being surrounded by a sea of criticism, Trump, on Tuesday, decided to shift the focus and attention to White House hopeful Joe Biden by trolling him with a viral "coffin dance" meme. Aliexpress. The dancing pallbearers meme originated from a 2017 video that BBC did, documenting a group of Ghanian pallbearers who offer funeral services with a difference. The "Coffin Dance" meme music originated in Russia, traveled to Ghana then went viral globally as the unlikely soundtrack to a pandemic.

coffin dance meme origin

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