So you disagree with one another. [More information about practicing emotionally “safe” communication here: How to Communicate With Someone Who Shuts Down]. Focus on Listening: Accepting primary emotions requires the listener to not judge or try to “fix” the pain that sharer is revealing, only to listen, accept the emotion for what it is, and validate the sharer. Arguments often lead to heated conversations. You may even threaten to break up or divorce because you can’t continue to have this same argument over and over again with no resolution. If you don’t have the knowledge and skills to work through this together, then partners become stuck in a disconnected alienated impasse. Learn More About Our Marriage Counseling, Relationship Coaching, Premarital Counseling, Dating Coaching, Life Coaching, Career Coaching or Transformational Therapy: Copyright © 2020 Growing Self Counseling & Coaching, So you disagree with one another. Do not jump in, match word for word, just to have the last say for that indicates you were fighting over nothing. Please i really need a marriage counselor. This is what I want for you so that you can enjoy your life together, grow stronger together and have a happy and fulfilling partnership. deeper needs. It sounds easy to do, but it is not, which is why couples counseling or coaching is highly recommended to learn how to and practice communication in a way that provides safety for both the sharer and listener. It’s causing a lot of tension that quickly escalates into a debate where no one wins. Here’s a hint; a primary emotion is not anger or frustration! I have worked with hundreds of couples who have struggled with this dilemma. The truth is, this is not a quick fix, particularly if this pattern has been repeating itself for years. 720.370.1800 | Intl 844.331.1993 | Reviews | Gift Certificates. As a marriage counselor and couples therapist (as well as a married dad) I know that all couples have interactional cycles that get triggered by what partners say and do, and all couples have disagreements from time to time. Third, you must also be willing to explore the emotions you feel and identify your relationship needs. Try to become more aware of your body when you become emotional and begin to match different bodily reactions to different emotions – you’ll notice the difference faster than you think. Practice Naming Your Feelings: Some people have an easier time accessing primary emotions in the body, but have a more difficult time assigning a name to the primary emotion. Learn More About Our Marriage Counseling, Relationship Coaching, Premarital Counseling, Dating Coaching, Life Coaching, Career Coaching or Transformational Therapy: Do you find yourself stuck in the same types of relationship arguments over and over again with your partner? well-researched, evidence-based approaches in couples counseling is called Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, How to Communicate With Someone Who Shuts Down, emotion wheel, or “feelings wheel” (available readily online,), “Empathy: The Key to Communication and Connection”, marriage counselor who is trained in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, Marriage Counseling & Relationship Questions, Questions About Love, Life and Career Coaching, Get Free Advice From The Love, Happiness, and Success Blog and Podcast. If that’s happening in your relationship, it’s likely that you’re stuck in a negative relationship cycle. This form of marriage counseling centers around helping couples be able to communicate the deeper issues and primary emotions so that they break negative cycles and build better connection and safety. They are highly distressed from getting stuck in this negative cycle. [For more on this topic check out my “Understnding Men” podcast.] But when you’re focusing on the wrong things, arguments are never resolved so they keep coming up over and over again. Avoid Blame: Someone with a history of not feeling safe expressing emotion will need assurance and trust that they will not be hurt doing so, and that can be difficult to find. These softer emotions often are based on our needs for emotional safety, connection, and wanting to feel loved and respected by our partners. Every couple has arguments that if not resolved can turn into a negative cycle of interaction. More to the point, learning to communicate softer primary emotions will help break negative interactional cycles – you’re no longer just communicating anger and going around in circles; you’re getting to the root of your anger and frustration, and trusting your partner to hear your authentic feelings. Remember, if you can access and name your primary emotions, then you are taking the first step in communicating those emotions that can help break a negative cycle. [Check out: How to Stop a Divorce and Save Your Marriage]. The conversation instantly becomes heated and after a failed attempt to persuade your partner that their actions and ideas are wrong, you step away feeling defeated, hopeless and at your breaking point. They need help getting out of it so they can resolve the argument at its core and enjoy the good things that they share in their relationship. Emotion always manifests itself somehow in our body, whether through muscle tension, quickened heartbeat, stomach discomfort, or any other bodily reaction you might think of. To change the cycle, couples need to learn to access and communicate primary emotions safely. [Check out: Communication 101] This can leave you feeling estranged from your partner, which often includes feeling alone and isolated. Quiz: Do You Need Therapy or Life Coaching? All people need connection and attachment, and couples often feel more connected and trusting after communicating fear and hurt rather than anger. Does it feel like no matter what you do or say, your disagreements with your significant other never get resolved?

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