There are many ways to use this plant in your landscape. 4-6’ tall and wide, dainty pink and white flowers in spring and will grow in full sun to part shade. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date! Deutzia x hybrida ‘Strawberry Fields’ is a compact, deciduous cultivar with a graceful, arching growth habit. luck with your sale this year. year are thriving! Top prune the plant to remove any old flowers but don’t remove more than 1/3 of the plant. Pruning is carried out by taking out all of the flowered stems - pruning Deutzia back by about one third of their previous length. Strip of the lower leaves, leaving 2-4 leaves on the stem. Read more about them here. Inventory at Robin’s Backyard Nursery in Forest Ontario, Read About Robin's Backyard Nursery, who's behind the nursery and how it all began, Site Map | Privacy Policy | Contact Us | About Us | Disclaimer | Shipping. Good This will encourage new shoots for better flowering. Herbaceous Peony are great for adding bold colour to your garden. - Deutzia – Pruning, Winter Care and Fertilizing. Once settled in, deutzia is a plant that needs little care. It does, however, require some attention both for pruning and for watering, if you want to enhance its blooming and growth. Will come back again. They took over my butterfly weed and it didn’t come back the next year. With rejuvenation pruning it is important to start on the inside of the plant and gradually work outwards.Repeat this step in subsequent years so that the entire plant is rejuvenated within a few years. To keep the plant reasonably compact, the side branches can be cut back to just above a leaf. The Deutzia will need to be watered more frequently than if it was in the ground as the wind will dry the roots out faster. Propagating the Deutzia is done in right after flowering. Deutzia Plant: How to Grow, Plant and Prune this Flowering Shrub. As an Amazon Associate, Robin's Backyard Nursery earns from qualifying purchases. Copyright © 2020  All rights reserved. They do NOT make new flower bud stems in the following spring. No pruning of deutzia is normally necessary. She was so helpful and friendly! Every year you should prune about 3 of the oldest canes to the ground. A Canadian plant nursery for perennials, shrubs and trees. If growing in containers the size will stay smaller than if growing in the ground and can also be used with spiller plants making a great focal point. Get Notified About New Plant Arrivals, Discounts and FREE giveaways. Pruning in the winter for instance, will remove all the following summer's flower-bud stems. However, when the plants are fully mature, an occasional thinning out of the old worn out branches may well be helpful in encouraging more subsequent flowering. You should preferably cut down to an outward facing bud. Leaf miners – You won’t see these tiny little common garden pests but you will see what they do to your plants. Some summer pruning can also be done on particularly vigorous plants, but not after mid-July. The smaller varieties can be grown in containers that will look great sitting on your deck or patio. You may decide that your deutzia needs rejuvenation pruning. Because of where I have my Deutzia planted the sun only hits it for about 3-4 hours per day and it still gets full of blooms. Deutzia. Will come back again. Many people love this spring bloomer for the dainty flowers it produces in the spring. This will encourage new shoots for better flowering. Highly recommend!! ... Deutzia 'Strawberry Fields' this is a taller growing form achieving 5-6ft in height. I have one growing a long my driveway and love seeing it in bloom in the spring. New buds will form next to the leaf, and these will eventually produce new shoots. The leaves of the plant will develop small brownish coloured circles that will eventually grow bigger. If your deutzia needs pruning, the best time to do this is in summer after the plant has flowered. Pruning your plants will keep them looking fresh and happy. To avoid Leaf spots try to water your plants in the morning or early afternoon. Cut a 4-5” stem and remove the old flower buds. Most gardeners think it is a shame to prune before flowering as this reduces the number of flowers. To do this, cut between one fifth and one third of the branches back to about 30-40 cm from the ground. Got a nice flower, healthy and well cared for. 6-10’ tall and 4-8’ wide, beautiful fuzzy white flowers in spring and will grow in full sun to part shade. Top prune the plant to remove any old flowers but don’t remove more than 1/3 of the plant. 15 Arthur St. Forest, Ontario. Prices are very Loved it. Long arching branches give it a weeping look. Pruning in June and July. There aren’t many pests and diseases that will affect Deutzias but here are a couple that might visit occasionally. 2-4’ tall and 3-4’ wide, graceful white flowers in early spring and loves full sun to past shade. Read how to propagated this plant and other shrubs here. The big, colourful blooms stand out and really make a statement in the garden. Pruning your Deutzia should be done right after flowering. Read how to propagated this plant and other shrubs here, Buddleja davidii: Learn About Butterfly Bush Care, 18 Best Flowering Shrubs: Garden Shrubs for Your Landscape, Click here to see what we are offering for, Herbaceous Peony: Growing, Caring, Planting, Dividing, Diseases, Read About Robin's Backyard Nursery and how it all began. Pruning your plants will keep them looking fresh and happy. Top prune the plant to improve the shape and reduce its size, but be careful not to remove more than 30% of the top growth. ‘Strawberry Fields’ deutzia and Geranium phaeum. How to Prune Deutzia. Thanks, we are lucky to have you!! They are pretty much deer and rabbit resistant unless the animals are really hungry, then they might nibble on them. Have a great day. snowball bush adds a spectacular show piece to the landscape. It bears numerous clusters of small flowers that have … Adding flowering shrubs to your landscape is great for privacy, colour and attracting pollinators to your garden. Got a nice flower, healthy and well cared for. reasonable! 519-466-9015. Pruning and caring for deutzia. Prices are very The number of branches you remove depends on how quickly you want to rejuvenate the plant.

deutzia strawberry fields pruning

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