Electro Voice Aristocrat Speakers; 2-way with Sp12b and T35 tweeters refurbished. $195.00 + shipping . Inside is a pair of the famous EV SP12B fullrange 12" drivers. Discussion in 'Speakers' started by goldface, Jul 4, 2016. Again, it has features of the Klipschorn and, again, it is thought PWK might have had a hand in this design. C $9.50; Buy It Now +C $8.15 shipping; From United States; Electro-Voice 1958 Ad, Carlton, Aristocrat 1A, Centurion, Specs+Articles 4 pages. Frequently used as the speakers in movie theaters and by high end home owners. Vintage Electro-Voice Aristocrat 1 speaker & cabinet + Original Paper Tag NICE ! The Aristocrat is either a backloaded cornerhorn or a cornerloaded bass reflex with a flared/horn port. Electro-Voice Aristocrat SPeaker, Low-Boy, 12trxb, Articles, Info, 1957, 1 Pg. Plans here. I still have my dad's Electro-Voice EV-Four-A speakers in excellent condition. Net weight (2.2 lb = 1 kg) 35 kg / 77 lb 1.5 oz (77.093 lb) Price in first year of sale: 402.00 $ Vintage Electra Voice Aristocrat Mono Speaker. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > goldface Active Member. $500.00 + shipping . Perhaps this thread may be the encouragement I need to get these classics rebuilt (if only for sentimental reasons). $67.00 15 bids + shipping . Electro Voice Aristocrat Speakers . C $13.57; Buy It Now +C $6.11 shipping; From United States; Electro-Voice 12TRXB Aristocrat Speaker 12" Driver Speaker Tube Amp . I think it looks a lot like the bottom half of a rearloaded Klipschorn. Though they've never been apart and have been very well cared for over the years, I had tried them and they seem to need some attention (likely in the crossover network). After 10 plus years I have at last got another Aristocrat speaker to complete the set and have not yet started the refurb program to bring them back to life. I have for sale a pair of original Electro-Vvoice Aristocrat compact corner-horns (restored). They are finished in a deep Bombay mahogany red colour and have the original metal decorative grids. Model: Aristocrat II - Electro-Voice Inc.; USA: Material: Wooden case : Dimensions (WHD) 19 x 29.7 x 16.3 inch / 483 x 754 x 414 mm : Notes: EV Model 111 deluxe two-way speaker system installed in Aristocrat enclosure. Mahogany or blonde Korina finish. Baronet. Vintage Electro Voice Aristocrat Mono Speaker - $50. Mahogany or blonde Korina finish. Model: Aristocrat I - Electro-Voice Inc.; USA: Material: Wooden case : Dimensions (WHD) 19 x 29.7 x 16.3 inch / 483 x 754 x 414 mm : Notes: EV Model 108 two-way speaker system, wired and installed into Aristocrat enclosure. includes 12" Sub, 5-5" Mids (one has a tear) and a 4" tweeter. … C $108.67; or Best Offer +C $81.52 … You see them today on Ebay for hundreds of dollars.About this speaker - The speakers are not original. Electro Voice T-35 Tweeter Speaker Driver . $175.00 0 bids + shipping . VINTAGE TELEFUNKEN BOOKSHELF SPEAKERS. Electro Voice Aristocrat Speakers. Messages: 143 Location: Newport News, Virginia . These speakers were designed by Paul W. Klipsch for high end home audio.

electro voice aristocrat speaker

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