if you don’t like stolichnaya so why you are here????????????? Rating vodkas makes no more sense. I use information from the bottle to populate details and don’t review very often. Stolichnaya (Stoli) Vodka Review By Scott. It comes straight from Russia, diluted to 40% alcohol by volume with artesian water from 96% grain alcohol. 5 Distilled from rich grain and finished with pure natural waters, Stolichnaya is from Russia, the birthplace of great vodka. everyone prior had failed because of the ruble being worthless outside their borders . Your e-mail will not be published. I’m not sure why. This drink is the best I have ever had and not to forget having the drink all alone. Elit becomes even smoother thanks to a freeze filtering process that drops the vodka to below freezing temperatures (though the liquor doesn't freeze). It doesn’t get more authentic than that. Get our cookbook, free, when you sign up for our newsletter. Then he went on to explain just how lightning fast it’s made and that most Soviets of any stature wouldn’t touch the shit . I was a bit surprised how relatively harsh it was compared to the likes of Luksusowa, Crystal Head, Zyr, Sobieski, Chopin, and several others that I’ve enjoyed over the last several months. I was taken aback with my first shot of Stoli. Reply Published February 25, 2018 12:00 am. If you’re going for flavoured vodkas, this is absolutely the best. Vodka Review: Stolichnaya (Stoli) Jon August 17, 2011 Vodka Reviews 4 Comments 3,378 Views. I think I’m hooked. That being said, i’m not sure if this should be listed under “Russia” for its country. Tasting Notes: Elit has a clean, rich, and grainy aroma that leads to a warm and silky entry. For a seasonal treat, the New England sour recommends Elit in a mix of maple syrup and grapefruit juice. While not top-shelf vodka (and not pretending to be), this is a good mixer and the only respectable brand offering flavours. But it’s nice to have a beautiful package to go with a great product. I had another Stoli martini straight up with olive about a week ago. Stoli vodka is a great brand. it is 12:43 now IST and 7:13 PM GMT .. god bless who invented alcohol. Initial Thoughts: Stolichnaya (or more popularly known as Stoli) is a premiere Russian Vodka. Does it really matter? Reply Published November 19, 2011 6:18 pm. We were all busy having fun. Russian vodka is probably the of the best vodka in the world Reply Published October 01, 2009 2:14 pm. The same goes for every region in the world except for Benelux and Russia. Or, go super casual with a pour of hard cider in an orchard catch cooler, a drink that makes wonderful use of summer strawberries and basil. Reply Published December 21, 2010 9:21 pm. I have also taken a liking to just downing a few shots on numerous occasions. He also shocked the hell out of Roger and I when he said , ” It’s only 10 cents a bottle ! God bless the world and entire human race. This time, my wife and I shared two martinis while out to dinner: one with Ketel One and one with Stoli. Reply Published September 03, 2012 3:15 pm, I do not like Stoli as a vodka. However, mixed at all, this is one of my go-to vodkas. The price is entirely reasonable, and the variety of flavours (the only flavoured I consider remotely drinkable) is nice to have. Once labeled as Stoli Elit, the upgrade to Stolichnaya's red labeled vodka is now simply called Elit, with the descriptive tagline of "Ultra Luxury Vodka." It remains part of the Stoli Group and is the same premium vodka you have come to expect. It mixes well, but it’s just not one of those vodkas you can party with. The best value of the six vodkas I tasted this evening. Try it chilled neat (traditional Russian style), on the rocks or with your favorite juice or mixer. It’s not a bad flavor, but it certainly isn’t sweet like other vodkas. They constantly have promotional parties in vegas w free drinks all night of this stuff – and even then – it’s hard to swallow. It’s a great vodka. Red? Flying a Greek Flag with a compliment of 45 sailors total , The S.S. Connecticut Arrived in port 27 days later . It is filtered through Russian birch charcoal and quartz sand. Stoli is an excellent choice for any vodka cocktail, from martinis to timeless favorites like the bloody Mary, vodka tonic, and screwdriver. For around $20 per fifth, there are certainly several other vodkas of better quality at a similar (or even lower) price. I find Stolichnaya to be very clean but with a nice, sweet, somewhat fruity but always pleasant flavor. The Stoli the US market gets is made from Latvian water, and is produced and bottled in Latvia. It’s just a hype due to the russian name! I made several Caesar’s with this stuff and they were superb. Tasting Notes: Stolichnaya has a typical vodka aroma—a touch of alcohol backed by notes of warm grain. The mixer on hand tonight is Red Bull. Whether mixed into your favorite vodka cocktails or served well-chilled on its own, a bottle of Stoli will not let you down. Stolichnaya (Stoli) is a 40% ABV vodka from Latvia. In terms of value it beat all the others. So utterly inoffensive. It's a gentle sipper and a wonderful cocktail base, all in one. No weird aftertaste like I get with Smirnoff. I just bought my first bottle of Stoli last week… the taste is You can make a fairly strong black or white russian, screwdriver, and many other drinks without suffering. I don’t understand the 3/5 rating. It's a smooth, affordable Russian vodka that's reliable. go and drink something else Typing sensible reviews is worthwhile, but you can cram your looking-down-my-nose-at-you numbers up your asses. Russia has a more then anybody else in the world so many vodkas and they are fuckin great. It just leaves a bad biting taste in the mouth, and is definitely detectable in drinks. Its smooth and I love that it has many flavors. –Robert, October 2018. Overall, it's a fine Russian vodka and one of the smoothest available. Reply Published October 31, 2012 12:00 am.

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