Within a few years, however, it had evolved into a model distinctly different from the contemporary Precision Bass, alongside which it was marketed through 1979. They didn’t. Now, I cannot find it ANYWHERE. The Precision was the first electric bass, for example. The Super-Natural satin finish on the back of the neck provides a smooth fret-hand feel complimented by rounded fingerboard edges. It is simple and straightforward. The original Telecaster-derived design, with a few updates, was reintroduced in 1968 as the Telecaster Bass. In December 5, 2008, the American Standard Precision Bass was updated with CBS era-style decals, a 3-ply parchment pickguard and a tinted maple neck with rosewood or maple fingerboard. Players loved it, and by 1957 we had the finished article. [11] Fender ceased production of this model in 2020. Why? If it isn’t good enough, it will be cast out. They are nickel and chrome and have a fluted shaft and are lightweight. Since 1969 the 1-piece maple neck option has been fitted to many Fender basses and the rosewood fretboard offered as alternative. Maybe that is because they hired the British ex-CEO of Disney to steer them the right or the wrong way. This is a good bass guitar. The Precision Bass was updated with new V-Mod pickups, upgraded tuners that featured increased sustain and better tuning stability, Narrow-Tall frets and a ’63 P Bass profile neck. So, let’s have a closer look at this Fender American Professional Precision Bass…. To the modern bass player, it is good. Any hints as to where I go to “re”-find this thing? But then Fender adds the phrase delivering the coup de gras, “using the dynamic range of some of today’s best pickup designs”. It was though, in the eyes of some bass players, hijacked by the ‘Punk brigade’ in the UK initially but then further afield. Acceptance of the electric bass was initially slow, as upright bassists looked at this new instrument with similar contempt, as guitar players did with its solid-body sibling, the Telecaster. The most notable visual change was the return to black pickup covers. After ’65 and for quite a few years, the rubbish tip was the best place for them. The mighty Fender Precision is and always has been the rock’n’roll bass guitar. In 2008, Fender first produced a passive American Standard Precision Bass V with a single passive split-coil Precision pickup (3 poles toward the neck, 2 poles toward the bridge) and single volume/tone. This is a good guitar. Fender started to use Alder in the mid-50s. The stand out feature is the neck, which is very good. The Squier Vintage-Modified Precision Bass Had a Duncan Designed™ PB101 Split Single-Coil Pickup and late-70's style headstock graphics. It also had a Hi-Mass Bridge, Vintage Jazz Bass Style Knobs (Volume, Volume, Tone) and a C-shape neck with 9.5" Radius. Throwing the white and black icon around the stage, spitting on it, and trying to pretend to play it, cost it some points. Nothing compares. A Precision bass is a Precision bass. In 1984, Fender introduced a lower cost Standard Precision Bass model made in Japan. But as Gibson ground to a halt, Fender were in no position to take advantage. Music evolves, that is a great thing. Fender offered the Made-in-Mexico Blacktop Series from 2013-2014. This model retained the basic shape of the classic Precision but had dramatically thinner contours. With this Bass, they have tried to recreate the neck. It is the inspiration behind many great musicians, past and present. We are told they are better. As a bass guitar, it is ok and better than much of what is around, but please, Mr. Fender marketing man, don’t infer in any way it is a ‘vintage’ Fender. But you can hardly call it original. The first model the brand produced was the JV Series which was made in Japan. Find out more about Art and see his 1962 Precision Bass by clicking HERE. No doubt. Most Fender Precision Bass are eligible for free shipping. The look is good, the sound we will discuss later. Expensive possibly as we have said, but it is a good guitar. Squier also produced a Standard version sporting two J-Bass pickups with alnico magnets. They were produced until 1995. Just about everyone has used one. The Precision Bass was designed to overcome these problems. The Fender American Professional Series Precision Bass continues the legacy of one of the world's most iconic electric basses with a full complement of new The Highway One Precision Bass featured 70's styling and thin satin lacquer finish. Some P-Basses with J-style bridge pickups used the Jazz Bass control layout—2 volumes and tone—and a side-mount jack socket. At the same time the original single-coil pickup was replaced by the Precision split-coil design with staggered pole pieces, connected in a humbucking mode. That’s it, nothing else. [8]. Amassed a fortune in debt, and when they couldn’t pay the debts, they filed for bankruptcy. If they’d only left it alone…. Yet another new version. Your email address will not be published. They still aren’t. The original 63 necks were something else. Now they still struggle, having seemingly forgotten what they do best. There is nothing, repeat nothing like the thunderous sound of a pre-CBS Precision. When it was released to the market in 1951, it had a slow start. With twenty frets and traditional dot inlays, it is all here. But it has always lived in its shadow. As of March 23, 2010, all American Deluxe Precision Basses came with a N3 stacked-coil Jazz Bass pickup in the bridge position, a 21-fret tinted maple neck with compound rosewood or maple fingerboard with white or black pearloid dot markers, an active/passive toggle switch, a high-mass vintage bridge, Hipshot lightweight vintage tuners, a stealth retainer bar for the A string and a bold CBS-era headstock decal. But please don’t pretend you have created a vintage or a modern masterpiece and package it up in modern technology. It seems Fender is on ‘It’s A Small World’ in Disney again. The "Precision Bass" wordmark was changed to a boldface font similar to the early 1960's model but remained to the right of the Fender logo. But then the opposition themselves had a sudden rush of the loonies. The model was revamped in 1995. I saw, briefly just month or so ago, a new $2000 Electric Acoustic bass (Fender I think) showing something like 18 preset digital positions. He sold it, refined it, and refined it again…. Finishes that remained in the lineup were 3-Color Sunburst, Black and Olympic White.[15]. Alder became the Fender favorite. Note: If you click a link on this page, then go on to make a purchase, we may receive a commission but at no extra cost to you. The name "Precision" came from the use of frets to play in tune more easily than upon the fretless fingerboard of the double bass. The American Standard, American Deluxe (featuring a J-style humbucking pickup in the bridge position and an active 3-band EQ with an 18V power supply), Highway One and American Vintage series models were manufactured in Corona, California. The Fender American Special Precision Bass begins with an alder body and C-shaped maple neck. Get the best price on Fender Precision Bass at Guitar Center. A maple fretboard comes standard on the Black and Candy Apple Red models, with a rosewood … Fender had bought up companies as well but in associated guitar fields. The original sound was legendary. Well, that may be an ‘insider’ answer. Only 400 of this model were produced. The 2012 color chart listed 3-Color Sunburst, Olympic White, Black, Candy Cola, Jade Pearl Metallic, Charcoal Frost Metallic as available finishes during that period. Possibly on more stage performances than anything else. Create an active bass, give it 5 or 6 or 30 strings if you want to, but call it something else. This later became known as the Squier Traditional P-Bass and was retired in 1996. Precision Bass Lyte models were made in Japan and came to the market in late 1984. When Leo sat down in 1950 with a pencil and paper, he knew what he wanted. As music evolves, our instruments change in lockstep; the end result is today’s version of this seminal instrument—the American Professional Precision Bass. As time went on, the mist really came down…. Its prototype, designed by Leo … Fender American Professional Precision Bass Review, Fender American Professional Precision Bass Pros & Cons.

fender american precision bass

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