Of course it will not look so stylish, but it’s ok if you are going on gigs and often take your piano with you. Of course if you count the stand and optional triple pedal unit, then it would be quite costy, but if you just need a good modern instrument – the new P-125 is great choice with the ability to upgrade with optional accessories later. But this is available only on higher class models, such as P-255. The transmitter for the wirless headphones may require that you use an RCA to stereo mini plug adapter cable. Thanks for reading my blog. One of them called Smart Pianist allows you to remotely control many settings of your P-125 and save them for quick access. Join Prime to save $1.80 on this item. Hello, I just got a Yamaha p-125 and was very excited to test it. If you need compact X-style stand – there would be also no problem to choose one and to put this keyboard on it. Le design sobre du P-125 a été créé en pensant à l'accessibilité des utilisateurs. Chopin and other great composers. To check Yamaha P-125 price on Amazon click here. Surely there's got to be a good reason reason for them to use a larger jack when most headphones have smaller jacks . I AM MOST GRATEFUL FOR YOUR THOROUGH COVERAGE OF THE P125. It is the result of over a century of acoustic piano craftsmanship combined with state-of-the-art technology and expertise. This is the full list of connectors that P-125 has: Of course I should mention about additional features which almost all pianos in this price range have. In addition, in different price categories it is “bright and rich” in its own way. Amazon's Choice for headphone adapter for yamaha keyboard. Overview of Casio Digital Pianos and Keyboards, Best Bags and Cases for Your Piano Keyboard, Best Piano Keyboard Dust Covers for Your Instrument, Best Bags and Cases for Your Piano Keyboard – 2020 Guide. In this regard, its overall build quality was not so important for me, although other people might prefer a more solid instrument with less plastic (which however would probably make it more expensive, heavier and not very portable). The single sustain pedal comes in the package, so you will be ok with it. And if you want to transfer your performance to computer it is very easy to do with the USB-to-Host connector which is available on the back side of P-125. In Yamaha P-125 the speakers are arranged in such a way that the sound does not dissipate somewhere above the piano and does not play in opposite directions. If I would be looking for something to complain about in P-125, then I would say that it could come with the keyboard cover, though it would be not so portable and probably would go to the segment of home digital pianos. P-115 is a very successful and has been top-selling Yamaha digital piano model for many years. It is important for us to feel every note, even if the volume is set to the minimum level. I recently bought a p-125 and is yet to be assembled, but what does ‘ois’ mean. P-125 is really a great piano, you will definitely like it:). On the other hand -imagine cozy home evenings accompanied by piano sounds: a small room, a grand piano, a pianist who can also be a listener. 99. Actually P-115 and P-125 are very close by characteristics. Le P-125 est un piano numérique qui offre des performances de piano de qualité dans un instrument au design compact et élégant. The speaker system on the P-125 is also much better. The P-125 allows for incredible dynamics and expressiveness. Here is the list of optional accessories that you can purchase separately: This piano is a new model, which just appeared in 2018, so you can’t expect the price to be too low. (page 16 of the manual) This does not work! Yamaha, votre partenaire pour la formation. amzn_assoc_asins = "B07BSM7PFL"; There are also slight differences in design, P125 looks more modern as any new thing. P-125; Size/Weight; Dimensions Width: 1326mm (52.20") Height: 166mm (6.54") Depth: 295mm (11.61") Weight Weight: 11.8kg (26.01 lbs) Control Interface; Keyboard Number of Keys amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; thanks….. If I write that it is bright and saturated – it is unlikely that you will be convinced.

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