We prefer double-cut shears instead of single-cut shears. Aviation snips, which are … Make sure your work area is wide, so that you can move freely.Stretch a tape measure across the sheet and measure the length you need to cut. Cutting metal rated too thick for your blades will damage both the tool and your metal. Kimberly Johnson is a freelance writer whose articles have appeared in various online publications including eHow, Suite101 and Examiner. When you’re covering your cuts with flashing and such, it’s NOT NECESSARY to sweat for a pretty cut line. Both of these tools are basically industrial strength scissors. Corrugated metal roof panels are lightweight and remain sturdy for decades if properly handled and installed. Then, grip the saw with both hands and push the blade through the metal to cut it. Lay the piece of corrugated sheet metal on a flat surface and use a tape measure to determine where it needs to be cut. The double cut design leaves clean and smooth edges on both sides (unlike the single-cut shear) and doesn’t leave too much waste. Lay down the corrugated sheet metal on a worktable or any flat area. Find the length that you need to cut it to and use the tape measure to relate this to the metal sheeting itself. After cutting, grasp the edge and bend it once or twice to break it off. So, cutting these panels should be done with minimal risk of damaging them, which leads us to the step-by-step cutting technique. Step 1. To cut across the ridges, use tin snips. Longer tin snips and compound snips are best for heavy corrugated metal. If the magnet is attracted to the sheet metal, then it is made of steel. Metal is forgiving. These problems are common for those of us who don’t work with sheet metal every day. Tin roofing is one of the lightest and most flexible steel roofing materials. However, this metal can be tricky to cut because of its wavy shape. How to Cut Corrugated Sheet Metal. If not, then it is made of aluminum. How To Cut Corrugated Metal – Corrugated sheet metal can be used for numerous construction projects, from tool sheds to garden sheds, and offers plentiful advantages. Corrugated steel sheets are often used for roofing, exterior cladding and other applications that expose them to the weather. Cutting with Snips Find a pair of heavy-duty snips that work with metal. Draw a line down the length or width of the sheet metal using a pencil to mark the cut line. Hold a magnet up to the sheet metal to determine if it is steel or aluminum. Using a permanent marker, mark the sheet and use a ruler or a straight-edged wood to connect marks if you are going to cut in a straight line. To cut straight lines, use an electric saw. Cutting sheet metal with snips can be tricky and frustrating. By creating an account you agree to the Hunker, Mechanical Metals: Corrugated Metal Roofing & Siding Material, FABRAL: 1-1/4" Corrugated Installation & Care. Use a pair of tin snips at the line if the metal is aluminum. Place the corrugated metal sheet flat down on the surface with the underside facing up. The handling is especially important for galvanized corrugated panels, which can rust if the galvanized zinc coating on the panel is scratched or removed. The edges are sharp, the cutoffs are stiff and get in the way, the snips bind or you just can’t seem to negotiate the curve. This is due to the galvanized zinc coating on the panels which can leave the area open to rusting if scratched. For these cases, steel roofing and trim are best cut with tin snips, shears or nibblers. Cutting Corrugated Steel Sheet for Roofing. Lay the piece of corrugated sheet metal on a flat surface and use a tape measure to determine where it needs to be cut. Usually tin roofing is made with small ridges at … Corrugated metal roof panels; Cutting metal roofing material needs to be done with utmost care. Another efficient way to cut corrugated metal sheets is by using electric shears. Corrugated sheet metal, a thin piece of metal with raised ridges that create a wavy appearance, is often used as roofing or wall material for sheds, carports and other secondary structures because the ridges drain off rain water well. Corrugated sheet metal has raised ridges in it. Start by taping both sides of the sheet metal directly over the line you want to cut and clamp the metal to a work station so it doesn’t move. For thin sheets of metal, you can use tin snips to cut through it. Best Way to Cut Tin Roofing. Place a pair of straight edge snips at the end of the pencil line, if the sheet metal is steel. You can cut corrugated metal both parallel to the ridges, as well as across the ridges. And, using power tools, such as a reciprocating saw or jigsaw, may damage the metal and deform it. But you don’t have to be a tinsmith to cut sheet metal successfully. Made of aluminum, steel, galvanized steel and stainless steel, cutting corrugated sheet metal may appear tricky because of the ridges, but only requires standard manual cutting tools. Find a perfectly flat and steady work surface to cut the material on. She has a degree in journalism from the University of Georgia and began writing professionally in 2001. Step 1 - Take the Measurements and Make other Preparations. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. You can also cut the sheet metal with a circular saw, but this may cause the cut end to rust prematurely. Draw a … If the corrugated sheet metal is made of aluminum, you can cut parallel to the ridges with a utility knife. When cutting seams and thick metal, use compound snips. Cut along the pencil line with the straight edge shears or the tin snips until you have cut the enter piece of corrugated sheet metal.

how to cut corrugated metal sheeting

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