Last Update - 9/30/19 Hello everyone! Regis was the only one who could get through z420 and z425.Gromma couldn't get the job done as the tank, but Tyril is almost unstoppable. In the last slot (Hitch), I had a choice between Hitch, Strix, Warden, Minsc, or Catti-Brie. The boss on 425 is also Human, which plays into Zorbu's Lifelong enemies. I went from 2.71e70 damage per strike with Arkhan to 1.29e89 damage per strike with Arkhan from stage 1 to 250. The Everlasting Rime is one of the adventures in the campaign Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden. I was trudging along to 275 with an average of ¬4 heroes out (couldn't get past that with my lucky roster). This includes the base 12 champions, Hitch, Azaka, and any event champions… This will probably allow many people to complete this adventure, especially if it's coupled with a level cap increase. This is also with Warden's Hex and Spurt's Spunk to increase click damage as well. I recommend using Qillek over Calliope due to his all formation heal, especially if you are going to set your formation early and idle through the journey. You are limited to Calliope, Hitch, Tyril, and Arkhan. Mirt variants | Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms Wiki | Fandom. Here's a more optimized formation if you need it. In this formation, I forgo the right-most spot. Regis will heal slightly and you can also rely on Tyril's shielding via his Ultimate. The only thing to note is the hole in the formation next to Tyril. By 201, you'll be down to just 5 members. yeahthis probably won't help you - my 4th slot was Shandie. She likewise gains Tyril's Good tanking buff, and benefits from both Tiefling in your party (Makos and Strix). I'm riding the struggle bus on Close Escort (Mirt, but would assume Vajra too). Unique enemies from the previous four campaigns appear in each area. If you are using Nrakk, make sure to pick up the +1 Wisdom Feat for Bruenor and Korth! Typically, only the final 25 levels matter and the selection of champions you have available there. Utilize AoE Ultimates to quickly kill the Abyssal Chickens once they pile on Nayeli. This one is mostly luck; only one random champion from each slot can be used, but that champion can be restricted from Vajra's limitations. This will allow your DPS to occupy the center column to pick up Torm's T4 blessing for 2000% more damage. After misreading the title I now would like to start a petition for Psylisa to be a future Patron. UPDATE: Celeste now has her +1 CON Feat. Feel free to swap Minsc and Delina as your DPS, either works here (or even Jarlaxle). If you opt for Tyril as your tank, make sure you're using a Good-aligned DPS champion to at least pick up his tanking buff. 1 Background 2 Requirements 3 Restrictions 4 Perks 5 Shop 6 Challenges Mirt becomes available once the player has: 2000 total loot levels 20 champions unlocked Unlocking Mirt … The others are all do-able, including No Good at All (Mirt) if you've invested heavily in your evil team. Count on having just 5 champions. I highly recommend Korth for nice shielding; Calliope's works, but Korth's ability to refresh on every ally attack will help keep you alive during the 400 boss fight. It is far more detailed than I ever planned for this Appendix to be, and I recommend taking the time to read through it properly if you are grappling with the idea of making a proper speed formation for the first time. If Donaar's Ultimate can damage the boss, you can use a Potion of Specialization to reset his Ultimate timer and use it again once his first one expires [BUG]. Can't get past level 261 using Zorbu/Korth/Nayeli, also tried Zorbu/Donaar/Nayeli. e124 damage on a strike is needed to finish off the 400 boss. This one is a very tough adventure with the limitations it imposes. You might also consider using Farideh as a DPS, especially with Turiel's Ultimate. There's not much room there. By 176, you will have no tanking options available. You'll probably have to ditch Turiel as well, so it will actually be 2 champions needed that have both Int > 12 and Con > 13. You can swap Makos and Tyril, depending on your gear. Mirt variants . Upgrade your heroes, collect unique gear, and unlock new Champions in regular new events. You can also use Tyril in bear to tank, but it's not optimal in terms of DPS. Adventure variants for patron Mirt the Moneylender. With two, many more will finish. USE THE BUD SYSTEM If you get a good champion selection in a 25 interval, don't feel bad about going back and powering up your BUD. Use Jarlaxle and/or Catti-Brie to finish it quickly. The big boss is on x50 levels, and you don't need to clear 400 here. Krond is the only champion I can slot, and he actually brings my DPS down since he has no All Champ% items/levels. I can only field 9 members anyways, and using this configuration allows me to pick up Tyril's tank buff for Strix (buffs Good alignment) as well as use Turiel to dump all the mobs on Tyril anyways. Go to an earlier level without restrictions, power up your BUD, then advance to the highest cleared stage. Remember, the tentacles stop spawning after you kill the jar in the back! I'm not sure if I'm not missing something but isn't Hitch kind of a waste in your "Werewolves in the Mist" formation? Feel free to swap Spurt out for Warden or anyone else that can provide a larger buff depending on your own gear. You can also utilize a Firebreath potion and the BUD strategy. Thanks also. Final level with powered up BUD. You'll need about e124 damage for the 400 boss.

idle champions mirt formation

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