In Mexico they apply a finish of polyester while the American models get polyurethane. One difference that (understandably) tends to escape people's notice is that the American Strat has one extra fret than the Mexican - 22 vs 21 medium-jumbo frets respectively. 3 colors Comparer. This might seem pointlessly subtle, but if you like to play those squealing, climactic, high … By Guitar World Staff 10 April 2017. As I was informed the wood supplied for the guitars is the same through and through. Ken Banned. Fender USA is out of the equation, their expense suggest that they use parts that are way expensive than these two makers. 1 of 3 Go to page. The fretboard is a lot thinner on the USA model (for rosewood). Plate. The only exception to this is in special cases where they would use someone else’s pickups, usually as seen in signature guitars. The USA Maple fretboards are heavily coated after the frets are set, and the coating globs around the fretwire. Strings-Through-Body Tele with Bent Steel Saddles and Stamped Brass That doesn’t leave a lot to the imagination, but fortunately I had backup questions in case something like that happened and sure enough additional differences as well as similarities surfaced. Anfangs war Japan das heutige China oder Indonsien, also ein Land, wo man sehr preiswert Arbeitskraft einkaufen konnte – dementsprechend lausig ist auch die Qualität mancher 70s Gitarren aus Japan. Can anyone explain the difference between Mexican-made Fender Stratocasters and American-made Fender Stratocasters? Go. Malheureusement, le prix demandé est conséquent. Hear the American Standard Telcaster When looking to buy a Fender Standard Telecaster, you're faced with two main options - the Mexican made (MiM) and the more expensive American made (MiA). I’m merely speculating at this point, but I would guess that means there is a greater ratio of similarities between higher end Mexican models and lower end American models. NAMM 2014 – Is the Faded Tennessee Orange Telecaster Really a Telecaster. When looking to buy a Fender Standard Telecaster, you're faced with two main options - the Mexican made (MiM) and the more expensive American made (MiA). What is the biggest difference between American and Mexican? The USA has far superior wiring and electronics is comparison to the Squier. The tuners are a million times better on the USA than the Squier, the tuners on the Mexi are pretty decent, but not as good as the USAs. Vintera® '70s Telecaster® Deluxe. 4 colors Comparer. Die Standard Serien der Mexiko Reihe sind dagegen schon merklich billigere Instrumente. Is there a big difference between the American and Mexican models? I’ve met people that swear up and down they’re completely different, those that insist they’re exactly the same, and fence-sitters that just don’t know what the hell is going on. The USA has a micro tilt adjustment, and the Mexi & Sq. The biggest difference in why an American Fender costs more is not so much because of more expensive parts, but because of more expensive labor etc.....obviously in Mexico the cost per guitar is less, for an 'exact same guitar' as the American model - I mean in reality this doesn't exist. The parts that are outsourced are built by CTS and Switchcraft. The answer wasn’t quite as elaborate or even as sexy as I was hoping, but never the less I was informed the biggest factor is simply the cost of labor. When I say more expensive, we're talking over $500 more. The QA procedures are all the same as well. So what is it that creates this significant difference in price, aside from the obviously more expensive US labour? D. danlineberger Member. The Mexican Strats are pretty decent for wiring, but the pickups are not real magnetized Alnico. Thread starter danlineberger; Start date Mar 1, 2013; 1; 2; 3; Next. Makes sense. A bunch more… The US model has a wider string spacing, and the neck is wider at the nut. The process of assembling the guitars is the same in both countries as well. The difference on how these parts are handled is who manufactures them. Auch dieses Instrumente sind eine andere Preis- und Qualitätsklasse, als die Standard oder DLX. After trivial introductions I’d laid the most predictable question out on the table. Strings-Through-Body Tele with Block Saddles, 6-Saddle American Standard Both countries have a set criteria to run through to ensure they’re not sending off a some busted piece of junk and after that all guitars, regardless of their origin, are shipped to their main distribution center in Ontario, California where they undergo a second QA process just to make sure. Joined: Jul 10, 2004 Location: North Milky Way. In the case of Squier guitars all parts are manufactured by third parties in either China or Indonesia. 1009,00 € TTC. The USA Strat tends to have very agressively leveled fretwire (flat on top). Bridge Pickup: Custom Shop Vintage-Style Tele, 6-Saddle Standard I’m an owner of three Stratocasters (American, Mexican, and Squier) and I’ve wondered about the differences between them on a number of occasions. The USA necks have much thicker finish on the neck, and the finish is gloss (I actually prefer the Mexi Strats dull, thinner coat). Phillip McKnight is a Fender player, dealer and repairman, and even he wasn’t sure of the differences between them, aside from their retail prices. Das Gleiche gilt für Mexiko, denn im Vergleich kostet eine Arbeitsstunde dort einfach weniger als in den USA. The USA model uses what appear to be higher quality tremolo springs (mine came with 5, vs. 3 on a Squier/ MIM). Your email address will not be published. Where Do You Draw The Line Between Inspiration And Stealing? 70th Anniversary Esquire® 2179,00 € TTC. It all comes from the same place, same type of trees grown the same way. In Mexico they apply a finish of polyester while the American models get polyurethane. Is the same pickup used in both? When it comes down to it, you are deciding between a very good guitar and a great guitar. Shares. Just like the Fender Stratocasters, The tuners on the American Tele are staggered, which means the string posts get shorter from the low E to high E string. 1849,00 € TTC. Mexican Strat vs. American Strat: What’s the Difference? What's the difference between add9, Maj9 and 9 chords? Fender’s alder body and bolt-on neck approach is the same across the board in most cases, so the general feel isn’t going to be outlandishly different in that regard, though the finish that goes on the guitars is different. The trem block on the USA is much larger and more dense. new. Messages 103. The real alnico pickups are much more piercing, and clear than the mexi and squier. Vintera® '70s Telecaster® Custom. Der Schlüssel für die Behauptung, dass ein Land besser als ein anderes sei, liegt in der Zeit. Anyone who has played guitar more than a day has wondered what differences there are if any real differences between Fender’s American built and Mexican built guitars. Apart from that all tuners, bridges, pots, pickups, everything is designed by their engineers. Posts: 258. Aug 17, 2004 #1. There isn’t some esoteric, uber-organic, special breed of alder reserved for the American models. Allerdings heißt das nicht, dass … Some speculate these finishes can have an impact on the sound of the guitar, but my ears aren’t qualified to defend one side over another. He has been playing guitar since his late teens and writing personal biographies almost as long. This has probably been asked a million times before, but I just bought a MIM tele, so I would like to know: Just what is....the difference between the pups from a MIM as compared to a MIA? What better place to start than to call Fender directly and just ask them? The question you need to ask yourself is whether or not the cost justifies taking the plunge on a real American-made Fender. The biggest noticeable difference in feel is the USA’s wide string spacing, and the biggest difference in sound is the real Alnico pickups. There is, of course, the option of spending some of the money you save with the MiM on upgrades and setup. 5 colors Comparer. Required fields are marked *. We do write about guitars all day anyway. American Professional II Telecaster® Left-Hand. Comparer. Mar 1, 2013 #1 I am interested in the 72 thinline guitar. The Mexi and Squiers have different fretwire which is not leveled out. Some of the hardware, like bridges to name one, are designed to be interchangeable between both models, while others are designed exclusively for one or another. Also, the USA has a 2 point tremolo vs. a Mexi or Squier have the vintage 6 point trem. It also has real magnetized pole pieces vs. unmagnetized steel pole pieces with a fridge magnet glued to the back on the MIM (2 fridge magnets) and Squier. Both finishes are known to be rather hard and durable with but a minor difference in density and cost. While an American Standard Telecaster will run you close to about a grand, a Mexican made Tele – such as this FENDER Standard Telecaster with Maple Fretboard – can be grabbed at about half the price. Pickups: Mexican vs. American Discussion in 'Telecaster Discussion Forum' started by Ken, Aug 17, 2004. ​With just two average rating points in it, both the MiM and MiA Tele are clearly regarded as high quality, dependable instruments for both the amateur and working musician.

mexican telecaster vs american

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