Heh, ketchup is thicker, but the color of the mustard is stronger. Asked by Wiki User. … If you want more of one ingredient adjust your ratios and then you’ll know how you like it. Answer. Anonymous Answered . That could be good…if you are unsure, experiment by mixing 1 T. of each and see if you like the ratio. Top Answer. mustard and ketchup mixed together. Tomatoes are mostly water, and mustard has the strong pigment of ground mustard … What do you call mustard and ketchup mixed together? as the title says i think these two when mixed together is a explosive combination , rocks on any kind of sandbo , but my fav with these two mixed together … One drop of mustard put into 1/2 cup of water is going to tint the water a lot more than if you were to put 1 drop of ketchup in the same amount. 0 1 2.

mustard and ketchup mixed together

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