... 8/20/2020 : My CookBook becomes Cookmate! CookBook is a sleek multiplatform recipe manager, accessible on and offline, across your Apple iOS or Android devices, on your tablet, laptop or desktop. It is you and your own cookery! Build your private cookbook by gathering recipes on the web and using the import features. Or find recipes from your friends cookbooks. recipe on one of the various cooking websites we support. Import recipes from the web and even physical media using our free real-time recipe scanning (OCR). Import your favorite recipes. ChefTap is the only app that can automatically clip recipes from any website. tablet or your mobile. Log in Register. and developed in with ❤️, Or Use our bookmarklet to import a recipe from the web. Try our new skill! Designed If you're already familiar with the Allrecipes website, then you'll love its app. android 6$/quarter or 20$/year, Install My CookBook Pro on your Android device. Cookmate (formerly My CookBook) is a recipe manager with search and import features. Invite your friends to join My CookBook Online and view their recipes. 6/20/2020 : Alexa is available! Create your weekly or monthly meal plans. AD FREE VERSION OF Cookmate (formerly My CookBook) - Recipe Manager. Save some timers and run them when you are cooking your favorite recipes. application. OrganizEat - Recipe Keeper & Organizer Cookbook, OrganizEat LTD: recipe keeper box organizer app, ChefTap: Recipe Clipper, Planner and Grocery List, Cookmate (formerly My CookBook) - Ad-Free, Cookies help us deliver our services. You can also synchronize your account with our Allrecipes Dinner Spinner. ‎A cookbook-app that also looks like a book! You are looking for a new recipe ? Cookmate (formerly My CookBook) is a recipe manager with search and import features. planner. Quickly and easily enter all your favorite recipes and organize them exactly the way you want. Synchronize your recipes and shopping lists between all your mobile applications and your online account. © MAADINFO SERVICES, 2020 - All rights reserved. My CookBook lets you create your own digital cookbook. Drag your recipes in your calendar, Or share your recipes on Facebook or by email, sms, and Store and manage your favorite recipes online. Cookmate - My personal recipe organizer. Recipe Keeper is the easy to use, all in one recipe organizer, shopping list and meal planner that's available across all of your devices. Create shopping lists from your recipes or your meal By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies, Cookmate (formerly My CookBook) - Recipe manager, Users Interact, Digital Purchases, Unrestricted Internet, By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments, Keep all your favorite recipes organized and share them across all your devices, The ultimate recipe manager, import from thousands of websites and photos (OCR). Build your own recipe database by gathering recipes on the web and using … You build this database gathering recipes on the web and using the import features. This is the only recipe app that allows you to build your own recipe database. Private cloud for collecting and storing recipes from the Web. Add your own recipes manually. Store all your favorite recipes in one place! Store all your recipes in one application! Plan your meals and generate a shopping list for the week. Cookmate is also available on your device : Use our search engines to find a new android News. Recipe keeper & manager for clipping and saving recipes from websites & photos. change servings and create your shopping lists. Your recipes are stored in the cloud and will be available on your computer, your And it is interactive: store your own recipes and menus there and share them with others through e-mail. Use our bookmarklet to import a recipe from the web. application. Invite your friends to join Cookmate, share your recipes with them and Cookmate lets you create your own digital cookbook. view their recipes. Cookmate (formerly My CookBook) lets you create your own digital cookbook. Add your own recipes manually. Create the ultimate personal cookbook with recipes from your own cookbooks, magazines and recipe websites. General conditions of Sales and Terms of Service, Add the ingredients of a recipe into a shopping list. View and manage these recipes on any computer or any device. Download My Own Cookbook Recipe Manager and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. My CookBook is a recipe manager with search and import features. others.

my cookbook recipe manager

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