Millions of years ago creatures in the sea died and their bodies remained on the seabed. Make sure to mention the position number of the carbon to carbon double bond. The chemistry and uses of acids, bases and salts; 8. Bigger hydrocarbons do not burn so easily as the smaller ones. Metals; 10. It is a colorless liquid with a boiling point of 100ºC. How would you test for this gas? These are used by the chemical industries to produces different types of chemicals such as shampoos, pesticides etc. Please have a look at the examples below, I strongly believe they will clear things up! aiii. Natural gas is passed over air and catalyst to form ethanoic acid and water. The mixture obtained after this reaction was tested using Universal Indicator. There was a problem with the link. So read this section very carefully as I dive into details of how to name an organic compound. :D . aii. describe how cane sugar can be converted into ethanol by the process of fermentation. Reddish-brown colour of bromine disappears. Only that their monomers are only amino acids joined together. So the name of an organic compound is in the following format: Code- di-(two) , tri-(three), tetra-(four), Prefix→Pent-    Suffix→  -ane   so Name → Pentane, Prefix→ Hex-      Suffix→ -ene   so Name→Hexene, Prefix →Prop- (add an extra “an” after it) Suffix→- ol so Name→Propanol. It provides no information about the type of bonding between the atoms. Hence the molecular formula of butene is C4H2(4) = C4H8. First shell can hold up to 2 electrons . iii. It is obtained from underground or under the seabed. 9a. Usually in fuels, examples: natural gas, petrol, diesel, example: propane has three carbon atom, thus n=3. We have both General Chemistry Notes and Organic Chemistry Notes. This document contains a complete revision guide for chemistry at O-Level Cambridge Examinations on the Chapter Organic Chemistry. c. When the mixture of styrene and butadiene polymerises, the polymer is unlikely to contain only this regular, repeating pattern. A Hydrocarbon is a compound which is made of hydrogen and carbon only. Cracking is a random process, so the smaller fractions produced during cracking might not be the same. hydrocarbons which the combining capacity of the carbon atoms is not fully used, e.g. I have corrected it, it really helps others out who are using this blog post. The monomers are of the same types; they join up to form a polymer. Give a use of the other product of this reaction. b. The homologous series to which the compound belongs to is indicated by the suffix (end part). If catalysts are not used, then the higher temperature is needed, which is a waste of energy. 4. e. Calculate the volume of carbon dioxide, measured at r.t.p., produced by the complete combustion of 1.40g of ethene. Please view the diagram and the table below to learn more about the different fractions of crude oil and how we use them. Then the formula of propane is C, Shows how all atoms in a molecule joined together by drawing lines between atoms to represent the bonds, Organic compound containing only single bond is saturated Eg: methane -, Melting points and boiling points increase as the bonds become larger and heavier which increases the forces of attraction between molecules so more energy (from heat) is needed to separate them with the increase of strength of forces of attraction, insoluble in water but soluble in organic solvents such as tetrachloromethane as alkanes are organic compounds, density increases down the series; all alkenes are less than 1g/cm, become more viscous going down the series as the longer molecules tangles together when it flows, become less flammable down the series as boiling point increases, unreactive with either metals, water, acids or bases because the C – C and C – H covalent bonds are harder to break, Have same chemical properties – they don’t react with most chemicals.

o level organic chemistry notes pdf

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