However, with the the marine-grade canvas cover, the oven is more than capable of being outside for 12 months of the year. We particularly recommend Stephen Harris'  Neapolitan-style pizza base topped with buffalo mozzarella, passata and fine polenta for dusting. Our business was created several years ago, when I was looking to buy a pizza oven for my garden. The mouth of the Delivita pizza oven is one-piece stainless steel, which is easy to clean and very hygienic. ", A pizza stone is sort of a cheat's option, says Williams. We are all about service, no question or issue is too small for us to deal with. It also comes with accessories including an oven temperature gauge, a pizza paddle, ash tool and brush. It burns compressed wood or biomass pellets. A small family run business that wants to offer the very best for our customers. The Clementi range of ovens offers outstanding quality at an amazing price, cooking from one to five pizzas at a time. It gets up to temperature super quick for a domestic oven and best of all, I can cook two pizzas at a time, so it doesn't take long to feed my tribe. "Ten inch kiln dried logs are going to be your friend here. Designed for table-top use, this beautiful pizza oven measures 590mm x 590mm, it will easily cook one 12″ pizza at a time. Accessories and different packages are also available via Made from recycled refractory materials from the pottery industry in Stoke on Trent, ensures that we can supply you with a product that not only works, but is also great value for money. Since establishing the company in 2014, The Pizza Oven Shop has amassed a wealth of knowledge, which has helped thousands of customers to research and buy the best pizza oven for their needs. We carry most ovens in stock, so there is very limited time to wait on most orders, so that you will not be waiting for long to get your oven and start cooking! As well as homemade crispy pizzas, it can be used for juicy steaks and smoked salmon, all while injecting Scandinavian cool into your al fresco cooking sessions both in the summer and through the winter months. Weighing just 30kg, while it's not quite as portable as the Ooni, its still maneouvreable. And once you've got all the kit, make sure to perfect your pizza dough recipe and expand your repertoire of pizza recipes, too. £1,200,, and For good reason are they known as the "Ferrari" of pizza ovens. "The beauty of pizza ovens is the delicious charred flavour that they add. With almost 45 years of Italian heritage, the Clementi range offers a premium build quality wood or gas fired oven for a very reasonable price. For a more affordable version of the Morso Forno outdoor pizza oven, check out the Morso Grill Forno II outdoor oven (£599.00, Corona Virus causes huge increase in demand for pizza ovens, Pizza ovens on show at the Royal Bath & West show 2018. "Like the Ooni, it’s got a burner outside. The ever popular Uuni 3 is a good budget option for you pizza aficionados, a wood-pellet fired oven that is up to heat in 10 minutes and cooks pizza in 60 seconds. The Alfa One, which is portable, is also a good option. "Being able to recreate that incredible wood-fired flavour and texture in your own garden is fast becoming a summer must," says Matt Williams, founder of The Oxford Charcoal Company. "There's a choice of two sizes - an internal diameter cooking area of of 1m, or 1,2m. "That will always result in hot spots, which does mean you’ll need to turn your pizza a couple of times during the cook. You’ll be needing some kiln dried little hard wood logs to fire this, roughly kindling size. Our most popular ranges are Ooni, Igneus, and Clementi, however the stylish Delivita and Mila refractory ranges are becoming more and more popular with discerning customers looking for a stylish solution for their garden. At this temperature, you can knock out a pizza every 60 seconds or so. You might need one of those beers we talked about. To get the high heat required for the perfect pizza you’ll need to open all the air vents and let it rage. The cooking floor of the oven is one-piece solid engineered stone, but it is raised to prevent heat transfer from oven to table top. Our carefully selected range of ovens offers everything from lightweight, portable ovens to more permanent, stylish wood or gas fired ovens, which will become a beautiful fixture in your garden. It won the “Interior Innovation Award for Outdoor Products” at the German IIA Award 2013. Most outdoor pizza ovens are weather-proof - however, as with BBQs, we'd recommend packing them up at the end of every summer to avoid rusting. Ooni Fyra – Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven – Portable Hard Wood Pellet Pizza Oven – Ideal For A… This thing is an oven in which you can cook pizzas – and if you do it will stay hot for so long that you might as well throw a pork shoulder in when you're finished. "The temperature will be as even as you like once this oven is hot. There's nothing like the taste of a roast chicken from a wood fired oven. According to Vinny Iaciofano, Outdoor Living buying manager at Argos, pizza lovers can choose an oven that is designed specifically to cook pizzas or they can opt for a multi-function model. "This is a serious … Delivery cost is an addition £48. The ever popular Uuni 3 is a good budget option for you pizza aficionados, a wood-pellet fired oven that is up to heat in 10 minutes and cooks pizza in 60 seconds. "You’ll make a 1 meter internal diameter oven with 7-inch thick cob walls made from dug clay, earth and sand. A trip to the beach is not out of the question, and you can easily take it to a garden party. The Igneus Pizza oven range offers stunning ovens from just £549. Not having a pizza oven at home was obviously not an option. Made from the highest quality materials, the Mila 60 wood fired oven has a 600mm circular internal cooking area and a 70mm refractory oven wall and floor, high grade insulation and the ability to set the door beyond the chimney making it a superb choice for baking bread and slow roasting meats, as well as cooking superb, crispy Italian style pizza. A third-generation oven builder from Naples, Ferrara makes quintessentially Italian 'forni': domed, hand-bricked infernos that have been honed over decades to render the perfect, crisp-but-not-burned pizza. We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism. However, you'd need to have some serious money in your pocket for a Ferrara forni to grace your home: prices start at around £6,000, and go upwards quickly from there. Available in seven colours, it has a removable chimney, built-in thermometer and removable refractory bricks. There’s a lot more they can do than just pizza, and they’re worth the extra money." Like any self-respecting commercial wood fired oven, your fire sits inside the oven space, so your pizza is really going to get to know your wood," says Williams.

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