Those of us with blonde hair need purple shampoo because of how the hair is lightened in the first place. If you want to extend the lifetime of your colour and fight orange tones in your hair … It turns out that purple shampoo isn't just for blondes. Yes, it's actually purple, and it's that color for a reason! With hard water, environmental impacts and hot tools, a beautiful brunette hair color can still turn brassy and change with time. While it’s a common recommendation for chemically treated blondes, purple shampoo can also provide a huge benefit for brunettes. For brunettes who have dyed their hair blonde, whether it's balayage, ombre, or highlights, you'll need to use a blue tinted shampoo on a regular basis to neutralize brassy tones. Another visit or two to my main hair man + some more purple shampoo sessions & I’m confident I will get that perfect grey-brown I’m so obsessed with. Check out this guide to purple shampoo and learn exactly what it is, how it works, and how you can use it at home to neutralize and tone yellow hair! If you haven’t heard of purple shampoo, prepare to have your mind blown! "I’ve tried other violet/purple shampoos in an attempt to protect my blonde highlights, but nothing compares to this. Find out why the color-depositing shampoo keeps brown hair from getting brassy with celebrity hairstylist Christian Woods's tips. Over the past month, I have learned that purple shampoo isn’t just like normal shampoo & there are a few crucial things you need to … According to Redken Artist Adina Doss "When I lift a client's hair (colorist speak for lightening), there is an undertone that comes up, which I like to call 'raw blonde.' If you're blonde or going blonde, you may have been instructed to try out purple shampoo. Purple shampoo is great for all hair types — highlights in brunette hair and reds can fade quickly so the best way to tackle the long road to your next salon visit is by investing a good purple shampoo.

purple shampoo on brown hair with highlights

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