I know I will need a crimping tool after I've cut it, but I'd like to figure out a way to get a passably clean cut. Hi, I was wondering how to properly cut round (rigid) ducts. A hole cutter works great in tight spots when replacing ductwork. A cutting mechanism located near the tool’s hinge increases cutting power by using mechanical advantage, a feature called compound action. Inch and centimeter measurement scales are molded into the body for accurate hole diameters. Join Date: Feb 2007. Thanks! MIDWEST Pipe Duct Cutter - 1-1/4" Cut/Stroke Cold Rolled Steel Cutter with 3/16" Wide Material Cuts & Kush'n-Power Grips - MWT-P1 4.0 out of 5 stars 15 $49.25 $ 49 . The Klein Tools Hole Cutter will cut 2-Inch to 12-Inch (51 to 305 mm) holes in up to 24 gauge steel and 26 gauge stainless steel. Best tool to cut duct work. Quickly attaches to the chuck of a minimum 12-volt cordless or an A/C electric drill. Aviator snips work fine to cut holes in a trunk line, but only if there’s enough space. I use the classic snips tool but I rarely get a decent cut and I always end up with sharp edges. New Light Blue Staple Flap Tools work with the layout square; The Cuts-All and Brown Tool will cut male/female for transitions, elbows and shorter sections. If you’re dealing with close quarters and you own a right-angle drill or attachment, you may want to invest in a sheet metal hole cutter. Any tips, pointers or suggestions for cutting round duct in place? The original TurboShear sheet metal cutting tool. Any thoughts? Snips are a basic tool used to cut ducting and sheet metal components to size, alter shapes and create access holes. ... Quickly makes your impact driver a power crimper for 30-24 ga. (0.41-0.71 mm) round metal duct and (0.31-0.61 mm) stove pipe. Unlike conventional cutting tools, duct knives feature specially-shaped blades that are designed to cut male and female flaps into the surface of duct board. Quality bearings assure a long cutting life. Member. Otherwise you might have to take down the trunk line. Our Tools and Layout Square is designed so that there are no add-on while cutting. I have cut round duct before, but only before it was rolled up. To cut folding ductwork, you’ll need either a red-handled or orange-handled knife, as well as a gray-handled knife and separate utility knife for fashioning the edge flaps. We also have Round Hole Cutters, Duct Knives, Turning Vanes, Vane Cutters and Transition Angles. Any feedback would be appreciated. The cutting blades of these tools are finely serrated to facilitate gripping. Hello, I need to cut a hole in my duct work to add a vent and I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations on what kind of tools would work best? ! This versatile hole cutter installs into standard electric drill chucks. Mark Is there a tool available that can make perfect straight cut with smooth edges ? 25 Thanks, Irishmen Sponsored Links #2 02-27-07, 09:31 PM Q. quasi.

round duct cutting tool

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