Xavier University. AUC’s curriculum blends rigorous classroom study, simulation exercises, and community service. Basic Sciences incorporates a unique testing system designed to prepare students for USMLE Step 1 starting day 1. The medical program includes the study of the human body and its structure as well as the function and coordination of its major systems. In 2008, the Cave Hill Campus upgraded and expanded its 40-year-old clinical programme in the School of Clinical Medicine and Research to full faculty status incorporating a 3-year Phase 1 programme. The aim of our curriculum is to facilitate students to develop a thorough understanding of normal health and an intricate knowledge of the physical, chemical, biological, psychological, and social factors which may undermine it. Liz loves the process of researching information, learning new things, and putting into words what others who share her interests might like to read. Over the years, postgraduate programmes in a wide range of medical specialties have also been developed at all campuses. The Clinical Curriculum strives to enhance students’ proficiency in taking medical histories, conducting physical diagnostic examinations, and developing doctor-patient relationship skills, thereby enabling students to become competent, compassionate physicians. During the Clinical Years, we stress maturity, responsibility, and compassion as important characteristics in the development of professional excellence. Our prestigious, accredited University, USAT, was established and licensed in September 2003 by the Government of Montserrat, a British Overseas Territory and became International Medical Education Directory (IMED) listed the same year. The Masters in Public Health was initiated in 2008, and most recently, a PhD in Public Health. Graduates are qualified to make application to residency training programs in the USA & Abroad. It is also common for Caribbean medical schools to accept applicants with GPAs hovering around 3. Their personal commitment to your education is another part of Saba’s unique character: All faculty are full-time and live on Saba. This medical school offers international learning experiences and a diverse learning community with an emphasis on engagement and social accountability. Our tuition and fees are substantially lower than those at other medical schools—30% to 40% less than those of international medical schools with comparable programs and recognition. Courses follow a two-semester schedule. Students participate in a set of core rotations and choose their electives from a diverse selection of rotations, which are designed to mold students into well-rounded doctors. The 4-Year MD program can be completed in 3 years and 4 months. Located on Grenada, this university opened its doors in 1976 when it was a school of medicine only. St. George’s University School of Medicine Students who have earned their MD degree and certification through ECFMG have had great success in gaining entrance into a residency training program. The 4-year MD degree program comprises 5 semesters of instruction in Basic Medical Sciences in Dominica followed by 72 weeks of clinical clerkships. When you graduate, you can become a doctor in the US and Canada, and begin your medical career with less debt. Unlike medical schools committed to the ever-increasing class sizes of 500 and more, Saba is committed to providing a uniquely close relationship between student and teacher through small classes with approximately 90 students. Some of our Examinations Rankings Include: Graduates are qualified to make application for the USA Medical Licensing Examination. In 2017, our students went one step further, scoring a perfect 100% pass-rate. Each carefully designed course is taught by experienced Professors and Clinicians, having long-standing academic and professional expertise. Registered with WFME and NCFMEA, and it is both California and New York approved. AUA’s distinguished faculty is available to mentor students on the foundations of medicine. It is CAAM-HP accredited, which means that students studying at this university are accredited to practice medicine in the United States. Those who complete their studies at this university can go on to practice medicine in all 50 states.

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