Oil goes into the wood. The best way of applying this walnut oil to your gun stock is by putting a little … 23-02-2014, 08:46 PM #3. sharkydesoldier. This can be purchased at any store that sells high quality musical insturments and it is used to protect oil finished "woodwinds" (clarinets and the like) from moisture and saliva in particular. It produces a sheen that builds up to a higher sheen. For the sake of a fiver a bottle of Parker Hale walnut oil will last ages. Apply a very thin layer all over the stock and then leave to dry to create a tough clear finish. It will ruin them if it penetrates the existing finish. Some of these instruments are made of far more expensive wood than on gun stocks. Don't put regular 'gun' oils on stocks. but i,ll stick my neck out and say danish is probably the best standard stock oil and rubbed on with a cloth and taken off straight away will not produce a gloss finish. Phillips walnut gun stock oil is the ideal oil to use on your firearm with a walnut stock. The 3 ounce bottle is more than enough to finish a few rifle stocks. Yes if you asked them too. Most commercial wood stocks now come with some type of synthetic finish or varnish. They better seal the wood than do most oil finishes, and are easier to apply. Coat the stock multiple times until the desired finish has been attained. A good wax is just fine for them. Birchwood Casey … I've not tried pure tung oil or pure teak oil, but purified linseed oil produces a gorgeous finish. Stocks that are already 'oil' finished with linseed or tung oil, just add more. Caring for Walnut Rifle Stocks Hard stock finishes appeared after the Second World War. Try this method: Dry-sand the wood to scratch-free perfection, wet-sand with 400-grit paper to “raise … All the wood stocks looked sort of satin so I used 3-in-1 sewing machine oil on a flannel rag. It’s a very affordable product and one of the best gun stock finishing kits in my book. Don't use food grade as it will stay tacky and go off. Every preparation I know of that is made for refinishing stocks at home has "oil" in the … The phillips walnut gun oil is absorbed by the wood, seals and dries easily. As a bird hunter, I peaked out at a dozen shotguns. 2. One type of oil that I have used for years on my stocks is "clarinet oil" or sometimes known as "woodwind oil". Nothing more that $5k. If I had my druthers, I'd stick to oil of some sort. ps the gun at the … Birchwood Casey has good finishes. Commercial products that deliver the look of hand-rubbed linseed oil spare you time and effort. Bottle capacity 50ml which is enough to … Parker-Hale walnut oil brings out the grain and natural figuring in a stock. This rich brown walnut stain dries fast and doesn’t become cloudy or bleed. It’s simple to apply, and you should do it in a well ventilated area. The oil also seals the wood to stop water penetrating into the stock potentially causing swelling which could cause it to split. If you just need to do a touch up of two, consider the walnut stain pen to make a few simple fixes. bhk, Sep 26, 2012 #14. hang fire … If it is to feed a ready finished stock some proper furniture grade walnut oil will give a nice sheen. The sheen and overall look of an oil finished stock cannot be duplicated by anything else. Danish is a great stock oil. Since there's BLO on the stock now, I'd try some power buffing first. Tru oils are usually the best but I've … Few commercial stocks are oil finished anymore and haven't been for decades. Just a few … Phillips walnut oil can be used on all types of guns including shotguns, air rifle and bullet rifles.

walnut gun stock oil

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