While I impacted our processes and culture, my primary focus was influencing outcomes for our team’s projects, moving our tech stack in the right direction, and mentoring engineers. They influence a more significant number of people and might be involved with multiple projects and teams. Here is my take on the responsibilities of the CTO versus VP Engineering roles. know about upcoming online classes, career Like most industries, tech doesn’t have a standard for roles and titles, even in the area of engineering leadership. The CTO usually does not maintain a large staff. Strategy development – the VP Engineering serves as part of the senior staff, working in an interdisciplinary manner with their peers in other departments (e.g. When you look at startups, the technical founder often self-appoints himself or herself with the title of CTO but is closer to a hacker-in-chief than a corporate executive. This group can be permanently assigned, or they can be organized on a rotating basis, so a series of different engineers can enjoy the experience of working with the company’s technical guru. He or she stays abreast of cutting-edge research and development in his or her area of expertise, and in adjacent areas of interest that might have an impact on the company’s technical direction. In some cases, the CTO is a manager of VPs and Directors and is broadly responsible for the entire product development organization. I’ve been using your articles to help educate senior leadership (and myself) at our “start up” and they have been super helpful. The Vice President of Engineering is a senior executive role with a broad range of responsibilities. The VP Engineering role traditionally includes multiple aspects: The VP Engineering is traditionally responsible for managing the annual bottom-up budget for the engineering department, which is often the biggest cost center for a technology-based startup. Sometimes, it is a purely technical position usually reserved for a technical co-founder. Join our network and see what all the buzz is about. What Qualifications Do Employers Look for When Hiring for a Remote Job? Free trial ends on 6/1/19. It can also include being responsible for identifying, leverage and integrate new technologies and drive business strategy and revenue. Terms of Use, Very glad that you find my labor of love useful; it makes all the difference. A team leader is a technical lead for all projects that a particular team takes on. Career Definition of a Vice President of Engineering Vice presidents of engineering are responsible for overseeing the planning and execution of engineering tasks within an organization… They might or might not be involved directly in projects with their reports. Using our career map, a vice president of engineering can determine their career goals through the career progression. He or she sometimes maintains a small “CTO office” of research engineers who can help him or her prototype things. The Human Dimension of Software Engineering, March 21, 2018 by Lorenzo Pasqualis 3 Comments. However, some patterns can be found replicated in most software companies. In large tech companies, the CTO is an executive who is generally in charge of improving the technical foundation of the company. It can include product vision and being the public face of the company’s technology. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Software Engineering Job Titles Explained, Doodle Tuesday: Roots, Fruits and Flowers, Software Maintenance, Understanding the 4 Types. It is also a step toward executive positions, which I am going to describe next. http://delinquent-zebra-8361.vagrantshare.com/, http://delinquent-zebra-8361.vagrantshare.com/assets/build/professionals/img/common/ivy-logo.svg, No thanks, I would like to proceed as a basic member, Collection of Leadership-focused Articles, The 4 Personality Types That Guarantee Success At Work, How to Deal with Organizational Attention Deficit, How To Navigate Cognitive Diversity for Organisational Success, 10 Minute First Impression: Make an Impact in Phone Screenings, These Job Hunting Tips Used to Work, Now They Could Hurt Your Search. She is also a Senior Lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. In general, the responsibilities of a CTO depends wildly on the size of the company. When I was a Lead Engineer, it was my goal to tackle challenges by thoughtfully driving collaborative efforts based on everyone’s strengths. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. ConceptSpring, she works with executives and leaders of innovative teams to create product strategies, craft innovation management processes, and develop aggressive but achievable program plans to implement the company’s vision. At the end of the free trial, you will be charged $166 annually. is a manager of managers and individual contributors in charge of an area or function of the engineering organization. Should You Look For a New Job if Your Salary Has Been Reduced? Technical leads become leads through the respect, recognition, and admiration of others. Engineering managers have broader responsibilities than engineering leads. Once I transitioned into Director of Engineering, my sphere of influe… This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. resources, and more. Eventually the hacker/CTO might realize they are doing a lot of things that they don’t love (e.g. Welcome to Ivy Exec All Access. That includes employee software tools, internal communication, technical infrastructure, process control, access control, employee network, cost management, integration of technologies across business units, etc. More traditionally, a director is a manager of both managers and individual contributors. Typically a VP is a manager of managers and directors; sometimes he or she is a manager of VPs. A VP of Engineering is an executive who manages development teams. An engineering lead is typically a technical lead with a small number of direct … Upgrade to All Access to get our curated job board, free resume critique, online classes, and more! By becoming an All Access user, you agree to IvyExec.com's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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