Yes, in fact, dirty stagnant bong water has the potential to breed bacteria that can lead to respiratory infections or diseases like Legionnaires' Disease. You may see a film that’s formed across the surface of the water. This is known as a biofilm, and it’s bad news for your body. Paul is a regular contributor to PotGuide and has also contributed to publications such as, SlabMechanix, Litro, and The Trek. So simply changing the water on a regular basis cuts back drastically on … But besides all that, dirty bong water can pose a health risk to those who enjoy partaking in their relatively harmless weed. These lung infections can cause you to develop an awful cough and have you hacking up mucus-like phlegm and, if gone untreated, can potentially cause permanent … That stink spreads across the floor or sinking into the carpet and hangs around like a dank ghost for weeks. Bacteria like Strep and E. coli – as well as fungi like black mildew – can thrive in dirty bong water. Then there is the problem of dirty bong water — it's full of bacteria and tar. Believe it or not though, cleaning your bong and keeping it filled with fresh water are both necessary tasks to maintain a healthy smoke session. Will Cannabis Be an Election Focal Point. Here are 4 of the best and easy ways to clean your dirty bong and get it sparkling clean again, Instructions1. Please respect the marijuana laws. Nothing on this website should be considered legal advice or as a substitute for legal advice. Dirty bong water recipe. on Nov 23rd 2016. Take your Plant Extraction Tube and make sure it is properly …, Let’s cut to the chase here, your Quartz Banger is filthy and it needs …, So you want to smoke on the go? The more times you smoke out of the same water, the more chance these pathogens have to … Let’s put it this way: dirty, stagnant water is not necessarily bad. It’s my choice as an American to smoke my bong however I choose!” Technically, you are right on that last point. As the smoke percolates through the water, it becomes much less harsh on your throat and lungs without losing any of that great taste. When it comes to the bong, leaving dirty water in it puts you at risk of the dreaded bong spill - with all the nasty, smelly water spilling out and potentially staining carpets with its rancid smell and colour. It’s best to clean out your bong at least once a week. Copyright 2020 Shatter Kitchen : Sitemap : » How to Blast safely - BHO Extraction Tube by Extractionproz, » Ashcatchers and why you need one to pair with your flower tube. “Wait a minute, are you saying dirty bong water is as bad as pond water?” No, but it’s still closer than you should be comfortable with. Empty the dirty solution and rinse with clean water. If you’ve ever been to a pond on a sunny day, you may have noticed that plenty of creatures love it. Look at all the bacteria, mold, pond scum, and algae that are thriving in there. You can follow him on Instagram @BarachOutdoors and stay up to date professionally through his LinkedIn page. We’ve all been through that at least once, usually your roommate Travis’ fault, and no one wants to repeat it. Bacteria like Strep and E. coli – as well as fungi like black mildew – can thrive in dirty bong water. If you choose to smoke out of dirty bong water, the state has no authority to compel you to do otherwise. This will prevent any pathogens from growing in it that might head into your lungs and make you sick. A biofilm can form in any leftover water that has been used to filter cannabis smoke, and any pathogens that grow there can remain in the water when you refill your bong, giving them more chances to enter your throat and lungs. Why Instagram Might Be More Pro-Cannabis Than It Knows. Clearly they’re having a blast. Recipes for "Phill's Famous Bong Water Butter" are available, but are best neglected. Enjoy a crisp, clean smoke sesh! There are few cannabis consumers who get more motivated to clean after a couple of deep rips, however, many agree that cleaning out a bong always seems like a big hassle. Once inhaled they can cause strep throat, pneumonia, emphysema, or worse. So far he has only fallen into the La Brea Tarpits once. Your lungs and your friends will thank you for it. Even if you use filtered water, bacteria will start to form in bong water less than a day after consumption. Cleaning out your bong after every use is pretty important, so you should find motivation to do so wherever you can. So what if I’m losing some of the flavor of the weed and it tastes like an abandoned dirt basement? If you have a stubborn piece that you just can’t seem to get clean … Can Dirty Bong Water Cause Lung Infections or Legionnaires' Disease? If you’re pressed for time or are so couch locked that any effort would be too much, as mentioned before you should at minimum pour out the bong water, leave your piece tipped upside down to dry, and then refill it with fresh water. Nobody likes a dirty bong. Add one quarter ounce of well aged bong water to the above ingredients, shake (don't stir), enjoy, puke. Besides, who really wants to smoke out of a dirty bong? posted by Mr. Phillip @ 01:00AM, 7/15/06. The next time you leave your bong water out for more than a day, take a look inside the tube. Please read our full disclaimer here. Rinse your glass water pipe several times to ensure there’s no trace of alcohol or fumes. Keeping your glass bong water pipe collection nice and clean isn’t only good for looks, it also improves the taste of your flowers clean. How often do you clean your bong? He prefers to spend his free time outdoors and most recently hiked the Pacific Crest Trail. Then, fill your bong up with fresh water. Piece Water Solution eliminates the hassle of cleaning your bong, … Not to mention it can be pretty embarrassing whipping out a dirty bong out for guests to use. Taking draws from a dirty bong is one sure way to waste your herb, and what could have been a very pleasant smoking session.

what to do with dirty bong water

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